Manitoba Manufacturing Success Story!

April 12, 2011, Winnipeg, Manitoba - At a time when many Manitoba Manufacturers are experiencing economic challenges, Innovative Laser Works, a Manitoba based manufacturing company, is celebrating success AND their 10 year Anniversary! Owned and operated by Manitoban born Alice and Mac Taylor, Innovative Laser Works was established in 2001 and provides clients with unique, long lasting corporate and consumer products that are intricately detailed through a precision laser engraving process. Alice Taylor, who is of aboriginal descent, a finalist in the 2009 Woman Entrepreneur of the Year Awards, and 60% owner of this husband/wife owned company commented, "We've invested heavily in technology since we started the business and we continue to do so. It's absolutely imperative for all manufacturers. We are also very strict on maintaining our own high standards of workmanship for our clients and new technologies certainly contribute here as well." Innovative Laser Works is a local manufacturer who specializes in designing creative, durable products for clients who seek a unique, quality medium to impart a very important message. From precious memorials and headstones whose intent is to offer a lasting memory, to community and municipal plaques, signs and cairns providing value in their historical messages for future generations; from corporate logos and works of art offering culture and beauty, to community awards and recognitions that stand as icons of crowning achievements. The owners of Innovative Laser works have a relentless focus to provide quality craftsmanship in every laser engraving project they undertake and to build quality, long lasting relationships with their clients.

Innovative Laser Works is planning a number of "surprises" over the next few months to celebrate their 10 year achievement and their future success going forward.

For more information:
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Innovative Laser Works
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