Choosing the Right Fonts

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One of the most common questions people ask us is what is the best font to use for our laser engraved project?

Well, there is no right or wrong, just appropriate or inappropriate. Here are a few things we keep in mind when we choose a font for a project and something you should keep in mind if you provide us with the artwork:

  • Formal or Casual? Is your message a formal, corporate message, or is it more casual? If its formal you want to use a more traditional or “proper” font. If its casual, a loose, more personable font would be appropriate.
  • Title or Body? For titles and display purposes a sans serif font like Aerial or Helvetica would be appropriate. If its body copy you would want to use a serif font like times new roman.
  • What tone or impression? What tone or impression are you looking for? Are you looking for classic, modern, traditional, warm, cool, serious or friendly? Fonts help to tell a story and selecting a bold, sans serif font like “impact” will certainly give you a serious look vs a classic look, so choose keeping in mind the tone or impression you want to set.

A few other tips:

  • Fonts that look best are smooth and full
  • Some cursive (handwritten) fonts or really fancy fonts won't look good on smaller items (and some will look great on larger surfaces).
  • DON’T GO CAPITAL CRAZY. Sure, the message is important, but all caps appear to be shouting at the reader. Depending on your design, you may find lower case letters are not only cleaner, but utilizing them between the important phrases will help readers pay attention to the main point – the award and the recipient.

Lasers are increasingly being used for their ability to create intricate cuts on a wide variety of materials so most fonts will work, however, please consult with us for optimum results.


We want you to consider us your “Go To” resource for anything laser engraved. We’re happy to answer your questions or if you have something you think should be included in our resources section let us know and we will post it for all of our customers’ reference.